Stairlift FAQ's

Choosing a stairlift may be a bit daunting, after all, it’s unlikely you’ve bought one before. That’s why Swindon Stairlifts have trained advisors to guide you through the process.

Based upon their experience, these are the top tips to consider when choosing a stairlift.

Will it ruin my walls?

No. There is a common misconception that a stairlift will be attached to the wall. However, it is actually attached to the stairs. 

If you have a new carpet fitted, we can come and remove the stairlift and reinstall it in the same day. 

Is a stairlift expensive to run?

In general, stairlifts are designed to be economical and to run at a relatively low cost. It is estimated to be as little as 0.0024kWh or 24 Watts per hour.

Will my stairs fit a stairlift?

There is a solution for the majority of homes. some options that help are:

- A hinge at the bottom of the stairlift if you have a doorway there.

- A platform can be built at the top so a straight lift can be fitted on curved stairs (curved stairlifts are more expensive) 

- Our local electrician can install a new plug socket if there isn't power where you need it. 

- If you can't get a curved or a straight lift, you can look into a through floor lift instead. 


'Emailed this morning at 7am asking for advice and thanks to Gareth for quick efficient service in helping my dad get some of his independence back, stairlift fitted by 6pm thank you so much.' - Jane McNeil

'Simply fantastic. I have provided a more detailed review on their page. Check them out and make sure friends and family know about them.' - Amy Townsend